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Not a google april 1st prank | info

Posted on :02/april/2012 | by : Guillaume

Well yesterday we all played april 1st pranks, that can be really cool and funny. Anyways google made it's own ones and thas was really good.
But this one is not an april's fool?Don't ask me how i ended up finding those curiosity, but below is the incredible result?
Cross the pacific ocean on a kayak.

Google April 1st not prank

As everybody i love surfing the web and sometime it gives it back to me, thnaks google i still can't belive how much fun i had seeing that

Well i guess everybody in his new computer based life get faced sometimes to crazy internet stuff, well i wasn't ready for that google map stuff.

So after i was looking for gps coordonates for friends sushi restaurant, i just typed in some random name in google and for random i am not lying (KHG) which is a town in west China, so as it found a city to that string of caracters i just went on and try to figure out how lonng it would take to come from there to beautiful Miami.

Here is the search page

Well i expected some huge result for sure but not those. 41 days and 5 hours, so i checked the trip proposed and what a surprise, google suggest you should cross the China sea on a jet ski to Japon?

Pretty awesome right?! But this is not the best of it, after you croosed Japan, you still have to croos the gigantic Pacific Ocean, well here google get me a challenge?cross it on a kayak for about 6,243km to Hawaii, and then one more time for 4,436km to the north west border between Canada and the US.

Well even if i am pretty sure this won't help anybody about web design or development, i hope that you will enjoy this as much as i did, and do actually.

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